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Most of the projects I've worked on have been website or app redesigns to increase revenue, lower bounce rates and improve the user experience.

You can find my last three projects just below.

Raio Azul - Terapias Holísticas


My sister started a new career and I decided to help her with the knowledge I have. I created the logo and made the website from the inputs she gave. I wish her unmatched success and happiness in everything her choose to do.

Raio Azul logo



Thomas is my biggest and best project. The most challenging, tiring and rewarding. When the pandemic started, Thomas was a baby. We sticked together until he got vaccinated. I was his daycare and he was my little helper. Now he's making new friends at preschool while Mommy starts new projects.

Lari and Thomas

Azion Real-Time Platform

UX Designer

After collecting customer data through surveys, interviews, questionnaires and group dynamics with co-workers, I was able to achieve the first need of this project, which was the identification of plataform user personas. By sharing the results with colleagues, we were able to plan and make improvements to the platform to meet the needs of different customer profiles.

Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 3.56_edited.jpg
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